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Vivid Dreaming - Making Lucid Dreams More Vivid - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Vivid Dreaming - Making Lucid Dreams More Vivid

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A great way to increase lucidity in your lucid dream to do vivid dreaming, is to simply tell your brain to increase clarity. This method is just like the MILD technique, where you tell yourself things and they then become true. In lucid dreams, everything you say can become reality. You just need to believe that fact, that saying or yelling ideas can make them become reality.

Yelling out "MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW!" can be helpful any where you're at in the dream. A good time to yell it is as soon as you start your lucid dream. Or you might find your body asleep, and your mind awake. Yell out 'MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW!' to start the lucid dream. Telling your brain to give you MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW is the simplest and most effective way I've seen to make the dream vivid. Once I was awake with my body asleep, and in my mind, I yelled out 'MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW,' and got an awesome five second sunrise that started my most vivid lucid dream EVER. Now, remember that just like with everything else with lucid dreams, shouting to increase clarity needs to be done with conviction and intention. You NEED to KNOW that you are going to increase lucidity when you shout this phrase, and also focus on your surroundings as you shout it. I've yelled out 'MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW!' and the dream only got a little more vivid.

One thing you can do when using this stabilization method, is focus on one thing in your dream – a tree, a dream character, anything. When you tell your brain to increase clarity, you should start to notice more detail in that item. This is even more effective if you can be touching the dream item while you're shouting. This let's you bring details like texture and heat into focus, and the visual details of the object get's clearer. If you don't want to shout or feel that it might disturb your dream, you can always just say, "Increase lucidity." It works almost just as well if you are saying it with conviction. If shouting a phrase doesn't work as well as you want it to, work on adding more emphasis, make it seem more urgent. A lot of times, your dream responds better to commands that are more urgent and immediate.
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When to say it.

Some lucid dreamers just staring out, get confused about when they should yell out shout, "MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW!" The thing is that it just depends. For a lot of people, it's an easy way to anchor themselves in the dream as soon as it starts. I personally always like to use it as soon as my lucid dream starts, since normally lucid dreams don't start out totally clear.

Also, it can be a fast way to stabilize your dream if things start to get a little fuzzy. Any time you start to notice lack of detail, or you start to think that you might wake up soon, just yelling out, "MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW!" can help you bring the dream back into focus, increase lucidity and even make your dream last longer.

When your dream starts to get extra de-stabilized, you will probably need to combine this technique with other methods to get the vivid dreaming back. You can easily do this and rub your hands together or spin around at the same time. Any time you are using these other techniques, you should work on getting in the habit of also saying or shouting, "MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW!" I do this during the day (In my mind!) while doing reality checks. This makes the other techniques more effective, and it's very simple to do!

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