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Using Your Personal Dream Symbols For Lucid Dreaming - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Using Your Personal Dream Symbols For Lucid Dreaming

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We all have our own personal dream signs — situations, objects, or places that regularly show up in our dreams. They are different for every one. One person might dream about a specific animal all the time, and another person might find himself frequently at his job. These frequently appearing scenes change from person to another and are known as dream signs.

Finding out what your own personal dream sign is can help a lot in having lucid dreaming. Once you discover your own dream sign, you can use it as a cues to do a reality check to turn the dream into a lucid dream.

To find out your own dream sign, you need to first keep a dream journal. Each morning, write down what you dream about. Or if you wake up multiple times in the night, have an audio recorder with you and talk into it and then transfer it to your journal in the morning.
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Over time, you will start noticing repeated things or events showing up in your journal. Some things will occure more often than others. These are your own dream signs.

Dream signs are not always things that stand out or are prominently featured in the dream. You might find a specific dream sign that appears frequently as a background detail — something you might notice but don't focus on in your dreams.

For example, you might dream about water in some form, but water might not me the main point of the dreams. Water might often just appear in the background as part of the dream scenery, even if my dream take place indoors. By keeping track of your dreams in a dream journal, you discover this pattern. Then every time you see any water in the dream, even if it's just the faucet in the kitchen or a tiny puddle on the street, you then perform a reality check. This can greatly increase the frequency of having lucid dreams.

If you notice the things you currently dream about frequently, you can then use this to your advantage and increase your chance for having lucid dreams. Dream signs can change, so don't stop keeping a dream journal when you find out your dream sign. Dream journals also help you remember more dreams.

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