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Using Lucid Dreams For Healing - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Using Lucid Dreams For Healing

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We all know that the mind can be a powerful tool for healing, but did you know you can use lucid Dreams for healing? Multiple studies have shown that simply using a daily affirmation about wellness can improve your health. In the same way, dreams can also be used for healing purposes.

Before you go to bed, spend some time doing the dream incubation technique to create a dream environment where you are comfortable and relaxed, like a garden, a beach, or a luxurious bedroom. Do your choice of lucid dreaming methods and set your intent to be consciously aware when you reach the desired setting in your dream.

If there's a certain illness or injury that you want to address, use your dream to visualize the injury completely gone. You can create a dream scene where the recovery time or healing is compressed. Doing this can speed up the healing process in the waking world. Do the methods you have already learned about controlling your dream body and dream environment and creating objects to make a dream scene where the time it takes to heal the injury or illness is reduced to taking just minutes. Watch the injury or illness start to rapidly heal itself, and continue to keep observing as the body heals itself completely until there is no trace of it left.
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Pay attention to all the senses in the dream. Don't just watch the injury or illness go away. Feel the injury or illness disappear. Take a deep breath and smell your surroundings. Take in the smell of clean air and feel it energizing yourself. Hear the birds or the ocean surf or even the sound of your heart beating strongly. Walk around in your dream environment and feel how healthy you are. Exercise your limbs, do somersaults, jump in the air, shout out loud. Act as weird as you want. Remember, it's your dream so no one will see you.

Feel free to be more creative on how you eliminate the illness. You can create a dream scene where your illness shows up as a monster that you successfully destroy by making it shrink away into nothing right in front of you, or view your body as a dead plant that you nurse back to health, or stand in a blue clear stream and wash the illness flow away. Create any scene that you are comfortable with, but make sure you include a lot of imagery that represents health and vitality.

Before you end the dream and go on to a new dream scene or wake up, reaffirm to yourself that the rapid healing that took place within your dream will occure in your waking life.

You don't have to wait until you are ill or injured before you use lucid dreams for healing. Simply use this for continued health and wellness. It can be very effective to devote a few nights to dreaming of yourself in a state of optimal health.

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