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Understanding the Value of Will - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Understanding the Value of Will

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1. Get a pad of paper Think about possible negative consequences that might result from not having any will. If you don't lucid dream very often, dwell on the unpleasant consequences, and write each of them down as you think of them. Think of lost opportunities inflicted on yourself. If this invokes negative emotions, let yourself feel them. You don't need to write an essay or even a sentence. Just make a list. After you made your list, read it over. As you read it, resolve to change or avoid any negative consequences. Derive some power from the repugnance of these images, and use this power to strengthen your resolution.

2. Now paint a vivid picture in your mind's eye, where this time you see all the positive consequences of getting stronger will. Just like during the first part of the exercise, first examine and contemplate every positive result of stronger will, and write them down. If you get strong positive emotions while you contemplate the benefits; satisfaction, achievement, enjoyment, recognition-let yourself dwell on these emotions. Next focus on changing your feelings into a powerful desire to develop the necessary will.

3. Now view yourself already possessing a strong will, thinking and acting how you would if your will was fully developed. Think of the best of possible worlds that can be within your reach from having a highly developed will. See yourself as you could be. Let this model of yourself power your intention to develop your will.

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