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Telekinesis - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight


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Telekinesis is where you move things without touching them. You can use your mind, invisible hands, shouting commands for example. It's one of the things you need to go through the dream world efficiently along with flying, summoning, and teleportation.

How to do it

Just like all other forms of Dream Control, telekinesis requires that you believe in yourself and powers. Do not worry though, you can do several tricks to lift up bad people and put them in another location where they can't hurt you.

When picking a method to do telekinesis, think of any movie or series where this power is used in. By watching a movie wheresomeone uses telekinesis you end up with "visual proof" that this way of doing it actually works. Harry Potter, Star Wars, X-Men, The Matrix and Heroes are some examples of telekinesis power being used in different ways. Now you don't have to watch these movies to perform telekinesis, though using passive control can help. Doing it the way you've seen in movies gives you the extra boost of confidence that you might need to succeed. If you have done it once, you'll be able to always do it.

Here's some ways you can do this power:

• Have a Dream Character do it for you.
• Verbal commands.
• Be a fictional character with the power.
• Reach out with your hand and use "the Force."
• Imagine rubber ropes attached to an object and your hands.
• Imagine an object being magnetic and your hands also being magnetic.
• Use a wand.
• Imagine invisible hands.

Possibilities of telekinesis.

Now you might be thinking: "So, I can use this to lift things? Sounds like a waste of time!" but you are wrong. Telekinesis can be used for a lot of things and with all it takes is a little bit of imagination.
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Here's some ways that this can be useful:

• Element manipulation; with telekinesis you are able to bend the air around the element and manipulate it.
• Make protective barriers.
• Levitating prior to flying.
• Lifting objects and have them come to or go away from you.

Telekinesis is like a power that'll never get boring.

Finally, when you start out, be sure you start small. For example, if you try to lift an entire building the first time you do this, it can be a struggle. Our brains are used to taking baby steps first. Start out by picking up a rock that's nearby. Or maybe make some plants move. Once you've done this, then move on to bigger stuff. There is no limit to what you can do with this power, and with practice you will be able to move planets.

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