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Spinning Around in Lucid Dreams - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Spinning Around in Lucid Dreams

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Spinning around is one of the best dream stabilization methods, though it doesn't always work, and doesn't work for everyone. If you're always on the go and you experience the world through movement, you might love spinning around to stabilize your dream.

When it comes to stabilization methods like spinning around, is can sometimes actually have the opposite effect. Spinning around can also be a method of dream control – especially for teleportation. Though, you must know a little bit on how it works to get the most out of this technique.

If spinning around sounds like a method that can help you be more grounded in your dreams, making to stabilize your dreams, try it. Basically, next time your lucid dream starts to end up fuzzy, try spinning around to find out if it makes things become clear again. Usually the feeling of your dream body moving is enough to increase the lucidity and make your dream last longer.
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Tips for Spinning Around

Don't start just spinning around fast like a top! Before you start spinning, read through these tips, and try to remember them when you have your next lucid dream.

Go slowly. Spinning around too fast is a good way to make you wake up. In your dream, you mainly want to move with deliberation. If you start losing clarity, or feel your physical body lying in your bed, stop what you are doing, and do a slow, controlled 180.

Should you have your dream eyes open or closed? Some people wake up every time they do spinning with their eyes closed, and others get no effect at all when they do spinning with their eyes open. Experiment with both. Even if one method wakes you up, it's fun to find out which type of experience spinning works best for you in the dream. For example, some people actually get a little dizzy, and some people get blurred vision like they would if they were spinning while awake. It's best to try each option to find out which method works best for you.

When to spin

Some people who are very kinetic love to spin any time their dream starts getting a little fuzzy. While others prefer to only use spinning when they find themself in a void of blackness, which means you are definitely very close to waking up. Try spinning around a few times to just stabilize a fuzzy dream. If that doesn't work for you, then try another technique, though try spinning around the next time you end up in a void. A lot of times, people find that they are transported into another dream, ie dreamscape, this way, but at least you are still having a lucid dream!

It can be more effective if you spin around in lucid dreams and also do other methods. For example, yelling out "MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW" while you are spinning can set your intentions to increase your lucidity. You can also use spinning around to change your dreamscape when you want to teleport, since changing the dreamscape can also increase your lucidity.

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