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Relaxation and Lucid Dreams - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Relaxation and Lucid Dreams

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When starting with relaxation and lucid dreams, Focus on your breathing and let it deepen. Then take some complete breaths by moving your diaphragm down while you inhale, and then pushing your abdomen out and then drawing air into your lungs from the bottom up. Let yourself sigh deeply when you exhale, and let tension leave you while you do it.

Tense and then relax all your muscle groups one at a time. Start with your main arm. Bend your hand backward at your wrist, like you are trying to put the back of your hand on your forearm.

Keep it tight for 5-10 seconds. Note the tension. Release it and relax again. Notice the difference. Get tense again and then relax again. Pause for 20-30 seconds while you take a deep breath, then exhale slowly. Do this again with the other hand.
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Repeat the tension-relaxation with your upper arms, forearm, jaws, forehead, shoulders, neck, abdomen, buttocks, back, legs, and feet. Pause between each of the major muscle groups. Take a deep breath and let out more tension as a sigh.

After working through all your muscle groups, have them go limp. Any where you have tension, do another tense-and-relaxed sequence. Visualize an image of tension leaving your body like it's an invisible fluid.

Each time you tense and relaxed, tell yourself that relaxation is way better than the tension that proceeded it.

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