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Reality Checks and Lucid Dreams - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Reality Checks and Lucid Dreams

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For most lucid dream methods, Reality Checks and Lucid Dreams go together. The process of ending up lucid and doing a Reality Check can be very fast. First you end up lucid because of your day and pre-sleep training, like mantras and all day awareness, and then you do one or two quick Reality Checks when the lucid dream starts to confirm that you are actually dreaming.

Some of the best Reality Check's are:

1. Looking at your hands and count how many fingers you have.
2. Plug your nose.
3. Test out gravity by jumping or flying.
4. Change something.

1. When awake, look at the palms of your hands, and notice the details. Count your fingers. In the dream, look at your hands. Do they look normal (size, shape, color, longer, or shorter, are they growing) Count your fingers. Do you have five fingers. This is a good reality check, because your hands are always there, IWL and in a dream and you can practice this.

2. When awake, pinch your nose with your hand and then breathe. If you can still breathe, you are definitely dreaming. This is a great reality check, you will always have a nose.
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3. When awake, try to push your thumb through the palm of the other hand. Notice the sensation. Think that it will go through. Then in the lucid dream, do it again. If it goes through, you're obviously dreaming. Another great reality check since you don't have to go looking for them and it's easy to practice in the day.

4. When awake, say, "If I was dreaming, I would be able to levitate" and then expect to actually float up. Then when in a dream, do the same thing. Another great reality check since you can do this anywhere.

6. Turn on a light switch. When dreaming, usually this won't do anything. Though some people do report that they can turn on lights when dreaming. This isn't as easy to do. If there's no light switch in the dream, you have to go looking for one or remember to create one.

7. Try to read a book. When dreaming, look away and back. When you take a second look, it'll say something different, or be gibberish. It might also be gibberish the first time you try to read. Do the same thing with a clock or digital watch. The time on a clock might be letters instead of numbers, and will change the second time you look at it.

During the day, when doing lucid dream training, in all reality checks, first do the reality check, and then in your mind, yell out MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW, and then think, with real meaning, 'When I dream, I *AM* aware that I am dreaming.' Here you're both doing a mantra, and also training yourself to make sure the dream starts out clear.

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