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Overcoming Nightmares Using Lucid Dreaming - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Overcoming Nightmares Using Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid dreaming might be able to overcome nightmares and find the main source for recurring dreams. Usually nightmares get generated because of fears of our unconscious mind or by situations that generate stress in our daily lives. When awakening, we might wonder why we reacted with such fear to simple dream events that might not be frightening to us at all when awake. While other times, the dream events can be so terrifying that we question why our unconscious mind would give us such horrific dreams.

When you get lucid in your dream, you can then control your reactions and you can then take control of the dream.

When you find yourself in a nightmare, the first thing to do to overcome your fear, is to say to yourself that this is just a dream and that you are in control. Because fears often get the upper hand, when a nightmare scenario occurs, even advanced lucid dreamers can find it hard to maintain control of all of the dream elements. First focus your efforts on keeping control of your own actions and reactions. This can be a challenge. It can require effort just to keep yourself from running away.
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Learning the skill to take control and evaluate the dream scene while you are in a frightful situation will take some time. Be patient, and don't criticize yourself later if you end up running away in the dream. Just reaffirm to yourself that you're in control of your dreams, and always use positive self-talk to encourage your dream self to stay calm in the next nightmare. It can also help to look at your dream journal in the morning and analyze the contents of the dream to find out what part of it prompts the fear and what that might represent in waking life.

Once you can prevent your dream self from running away in nightmares, next do various methods to make those nightmares become positive learning experiences. For example, if you are getting chased, turn around and face the enemy and ask it why i's chasing you and what it wants. If you see something frightening, ask yourself what it represents and why you fear it. You can also order your dream guide to appear and give you an explanation.

If you end up in a nightmare where you cannot get enough control over the dream environment to bring the confrontation to a stop, you can then choose to take a stand and fight the dream opponent. While the other method — finding out the true nature of the nightmare — is preferable, it can be empowering to overcome obstacles and challenges in your dreams. When you are faced with this situation, remember those skills you have learned so far. Remember, you can change the dream environment and change the setting to your advantage. You got the ability to call into existence any thing you want. Be creative. Be flexible and do your best to use these tips so they will ultimately let you question your dream opponent and discover what it represents in your waking life.

Usually your unconscious mind will create what it expects, and a lot of times it uses your fears to create the dream scene. When there's uncertainty in a dream, your own fears fill in the blanks. If you are expecting to encounter a fearful situation, your mind will create it for you to fulfill those expectations. Never forget that you have control over your dreams. Tell yourself that nothing in your dream can harm you and there is no reason to be afraid. While you will probably still have nightmares every now and then, you will gradually overcome those fears as you get more confident in your abilities to take control of your dreams.

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