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One Body Induced Lucid Dreams - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

One Body Induced Lucid Dreams

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1. After waking up from a dream, lie on your back and have your eyes gently closed. Tighten and then relax. Completely let go of all your muscular and mental tension, and breath slowly and calmly. Enjoy feeling relaxed and affirm your intention to consciously enter a dream; get rid of all other worries, thoughts, and concerns.

2. Now focus on your body. Use a 61-point relaxation exercise to pass your attention from one part of your body to the next, repeatedly going through each of the points. As you do, notice how your body feels at every point along the way. Look for signs of strange vibrations, sensations, and distortions of your body image. These are hints of REM sleep paralysis. Next you'll get sensations like these which will quickly change into complete paralysis of your body. Now you're ready to leave your paralyzed body behind, and go into the the dreamworld.

3. Once you feel that your physical body is in sleep paralysis, you're ready to go. Remember that the body image you're experiencing as a paralyzed physical body can't move, in mental space, since sensory information is telling your brain that your physical body can not move. When sensory input is cut off, when you go deeper into REM sleep, there won't be any information, except memory, indicating that your body's still in the position it was in before. Now you're free to feel movement of your body image, or your dream body without getting contradictions from your sensory systems. Your body image can move without and reference to your actual position on your physical body, which it naturally does in dreams. Also, if you're experiencing sleep paralysis, inhibition of sensory input can't be that far off. Just visualize that your body image can move again. Visualize you're somewhere other than sleeping in bed: anywhere else, in any other position or situation. Once you experience that your dream body is not in bed, you'll no longer notice the sensations from the paralysis of your physical body. As soon as you "step out of bed", you should notice that you're dreaming. Remember that you're moving in your dream body and everything around you is a just a dream. Everything you see is actually your dream.

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