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Lucid Dreaming Techniques - 7 Steps to Start Lucid Dreaming - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Lucid Dreaming Techniques - 7 Steps to Start Lucid Dreaming

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1. Remember your dreams.

Many people think 'I don't dream', yet everyone does dream, though while you might not remember them, you still dream. To start remembering your dreams try this simple method.

Every night before you fall to sleep, repeat the phrase 'I will remember my dreams as soon as I wake up'. Keep saying this over and over until you are asleep. After a few days you should start to remember your dreams.

2. Dream Journal.

This can be tedious but it is very well worth the effort. Just writing a few short sentences about the dream is enough. This'll get you into the habit of remembering your dreams and let you start looking for dream signs within your dreams.

3. Dream signs.

A lot of your dreams will have objects or people in them that can give you a hint that you are dreaming, making you become lucid in your dreams. For example if you regularly dream about 'Elvis' in your dreams, this is definitely an obvious dream sign that can then be used to make you ask yourself in the dream, if you are dreaming, since you know Elvis is dead.
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4. Be aware in your waking world.

To be aware and conscious in your dream world means you have to be aware and conscious in your waking world. That might look crazy, since we are conscious when we are awake. However this is 'consciously focused'. For example, you're consciously focused while you are learning a new task, you're thinking about every action you're doing to get the right steps. Then when you've learned the new tasks that you don't have to focus on as intently as you had to do when learning it. Being consciously focused is looking around you and saying what you smell, see, feel, hear and touch and voicing it. This includes the added benefit of being in the moment and can give you inner calmness, it's almost zen like.

If you start to consciously focus on everything around you, you will soon carry this on over to the dream world.

5. Ask yourself; 'Am I dreaming?'

Ask yourself right now 'Am I dreaming?'. Of course your obvious answer is no, of course you're not dreaming. How do you actually know? Don't simply say; because I just know, think about why you're not dreaming. For example, you can think, when I am dreaming, I am able to fly. When I am dreaming, I cannot read text longer than a few seconds. Then try reading text to prove to yourself you're not dreaming. These are called reality check. Look at your watch. Look away. Look back at it again. In a dream, the time changes.

This will carry over into your dreaming world and you'll start asking these same questions in your dream which can then turn the dream into a lucid dream.

6. Your first lucid dream.

Many people have their first lucid dream just from reading about lucid dreams. You might find that you quickly end up over-excited and lose the lucid dream. Though, your first lucid dream will probably be remembered for many years to come.

7. Staying lucid.

There are different methods you can use to stay in a dream, though by far, the best one is just calming yourself down with self talk and dream spinning. If it looks like you're losing your lucidity, just talk to yourself to calm yourself down and just start noticing everything around you in the dream.

When you feel you are losing control of your dream, dream spin, by mentally spinning like a tornado to stay in your dream. This focuses the mind on staying lucid.

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