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'I Am Dreaming' Induced Lucid Dreams - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

'I Am Dreaming' Induced Lucid Dreams

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Think to yourself "I am dreaming" to put yourself in a lucid dream. As you fall to sleep, repeat the words to yourself over and over. Keep doing this until you fall asleep. Soon you will learn to keep this thought in your mind until you actually find yourself in a dream. This method especially works when you are napping during the day.


If you can, take a nap during the day. You should be more likely to quickly fall into the REM sleep state where you dream. Before you start your nap, focus your intent on having a lucid dream. Use affirmations, visualizations, or do the "I am dreaming" method.

Sleeping Upright

Sleeping upright can help you stay consciously aware enough to become lucid in your dreams. Though at the same time, you need to stay comfortable enough to sleep well, so it's necessary to experiment with different positions to find out which position gives you the highest level of comfort. For example:

Sleep propped up on multiple pillows to elevate your head and upper body.
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Sleep while up on a "wedge pillow" — a triangular, wedge-shipped pillow made to help you sleep in an upright position.

When you sleep upright in bed, it can also help to put a pillow or rolled towel under your knees to elevate them slightly. This alleviate's any pressure on your lower back or tailbone and it will also improve the circulation in your lower body.


Doing daily meditation practice is a great way to increase the odds of you achieving a lucid dream. Most meditators who do at least 20 to 30 minutes per day of meditation have an increase in the vividness of their dreams, and they have an increase in the quantity of the lucid dreams they have. It's not required that you have an elaborate meditation practice. You simply need a very simple practice of sitting in a comfortable position while remaining physically inactive and focusing your mind on observing your own thoughts. Meditation also gives you dozens of other benefits, including enhanced creativity, reduced stress, and generates a more refreshing sleep.

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