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How to Time Travel in Lucid Dreams - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

How to Time Travel in Lucid Dreams

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Want to Time Travel in Lucid Dreams? Who didn't dream about time travel as a kid? It's a pretty common wish to want to travel in time – either into the future or into the past, or back to the future. It's a pretty common theme in fiction books and movies, and sometimes it even shows up in non-lucid dreams.

One of the best things about lucid dreaming, is that you can actually travel through time whenever and wherever you want! Time travel is almost the same as teleportation or changing the landscape. You are simply changing the time as well as the space – or maybe you are changing the time without changing the space.

There are a lot of different methods that can help you with time travel. The most basic rule, though, is that you need to make sure that you believe you can do it and will travel through time. This is the essential rule for doing anything in your lucid dreams. If you believe it and imagine it, then you can do it!

Some times traditional time traveling techniques will work, while other times they won't work well for you. Start out by trying the techniques, and change them as needed.
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Time Travel Techniques

Create a time machine. This is usually the easiest way to travel. Your machine can be complicated, full of bells and whistles, or it can simply be a box. It can be a car or a plane. Whatever appeals to your imagination and is believable to you will work! A time machine works because it adds believability to your dream and it also helps you make sure you'll really know you will be traveling in time. Your time machine can take you places at random, and you can also make it so that you can program actual times in to the past or the future and go exactly where you want to go.

Walk through a door. This is a simple version of the time machine. Just imagine a doorway, and intent on going to another time when you walk through it. This is just like changing the landscape, but it's also a more streamlined version of the time machine.

Speed up or reverse time. This can especially work with calendars or watches. Think of your time keeping item, and then have time fast forward or rewind. Either one can work, while some people find it's easier to go forward than to go back at first. You can even watch time changing around you if you can keep your concentration. This method works best for shorter blocks of time. Of course you don't want to tear off calendar pages to go back to the stone ages!

Think about the time period when you were last awake. This can help with almost any Time Travel you want to do in your lucid dream. If there is a time period you are especially interested in, read about it when you do the Wake Back to Bed method. You can even use posters of people, places, or events from that time period to think about as you go to sleep. This is less spectacular than time travel, since you are more likely to end up in a dream about the time period. Though it can work for getting you to the time period you want to experience.

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