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How To Remain Lucid While Dreaming - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

How To Remain Lucid While Dreaming

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What fun is a lucid dream if you can't remain lucid while dreaming?

Once you are lucid in a dream, you can find that the most challenging aspect is staying lucid. It's very easy to become caught up in the dream and quickly lose whatever lucidity you had. You can achieve conscious awareness one moment and then not even notice it slip away the next moment. This is a common occurrence that will happen less often as you improve your lucid dreaming skills, and also learn to control your level of awareness while in the dream.

The first time you realize you are having a lucid dream, it is very easy to have a sense of excitement. It's very important not to let yourself be carried away by this excitement or i's very likely you will lose your lucidity and either become caught up in the dream or wake yourself up. Try to stay calm and hold on to the thought that you are dreaming. Keep saying to yourself, "I am dreaming. This is a dream." Focus your efforts on convincing yourself you're dreaming. This helps you keep a firm hold on your newly achieved lucidity.

Sometimes you need to take other steps to remain consciously aware of the dream, and to increase your level of lucidity. As you become consciously aware, the dream details can become fuzzy and you might need to request clarity from your own mind. This can easily be done by yelling out "MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW." You might be surprised at how well your mind listens to your command. For example, once I found myself asleep with no dream, just blackness. I yelled out in my mind 'MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW' and I got an AWESOME five second sunrise starting the dream. That was my most vivid lucid dream EVER!!

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Because dream details can end up fuzzy and slip in and out of view as you become more aware, it can help to focus on a specific object in the dream to hold the dream scene in place. Pick an object that's prominent in the current dream scene. If a specific object triggered the initial realization that you were dreaming, using that particular object as your point of focus can reinforce the fact that you're in a dream and can help you enhance the lucidity.

If possible, use an object that won't move itself away from your immediate area. For example, pick a huge rock instead of something moveable like a dog or cat. The animal is likely to run off and out of the dream scene, while the rock is way more likely to stay in the same place and therefore stay in focus. If you focus your attention on a moving object it can make you become caught up in the dream by following the object, and when you become caught up in the dream you can quickly get a loss of lucidity.

If there is no object that is immediately available to use as a point of focus, just focus on your own hands. Hold both of them out in front of you and focus on them while working on staying lucid.

Another way to remain lucid while dreaming is spinning. When as you feel yourself losing your awareness and sliding back into a non-lucid state, or any time you feel the dream might be ending and you might wake up when you would rather stay in the dream longer, just hold your arms wide open and spin your dream body around. Notice the physical sensations experienced by your dream body while it is spinning. By focusing your attention on the physical sensations your experiencing, you are way more likely to hold yourself in the dream and keep a high level of lucidity.

Whenever you become lucid in your dream, watch out for false awakenings. Gaining conscious awareness in your dream is often followed quickly by what looks like waking up. You may find yourself only dreaming of waking up, but not actually realizing you are still dreaming. This is a false awakening. It can seem very very realistic, sometimes to the extent where you do not even question whether or not you have actually woken up. When you think you have woken up from a lucid dream, immediately perform a reality check to find out if you have actually woken up or you are actually just dreaming of waking up.

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