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Flying in Lucid Dreams - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Flying in Lucid Dreams

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Just learning how to lucid dream? Flying in a lucid dream is a great thing to try out when starting out with lucid dreaming. Many lucid dreamers agree that there is nothing better than soaring through the sky. The feel of the wind blowing by and watching the landscape below can be breathtaking. Doing something that's impossible in real life can be a challenge in dreams. Just stay confident and never worry about falling or not being able to lift off.

Lift off

Simply jump! A very common sign that you are dreaming is that the gravity in dreams is slightly off. This can be tested out by doing small jumps. You will then feel like you're on the moon, so with just a little bit of an extra push you can start flying.

A great trick is bringing forth a feeling from your real life. While doing small jumps, think that anytime now you'll be shot right up into the sky, like Superman. Ever been on an amusement park ride where you're being propelled higher and higher? Use that memory, along with the force of the push and jumping, and you will be flying in no time.

You might find it easier to start flying by running or jumping from heights to gain momentum. Go to a high place and just throw yourself out into the sky or run very fast, as fast as an airplane takes off. Have your arms act like wings.

Use passive control, like wings, rocket boots, jet engines, helicopters, airplanes, magic brooms etc. This is an excellent way to start since you know that flying is possible when you use any of them.
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Once you are flying, you must stay confident and continue to know you can stay in the air as long as you want to.

Think of where you are going or focus on the landscape. Dreams can destabilize very quickly if you do not stay focused enough. As the dream scenes change, make sure you keep your eyes on the destination you are heading to or rub your hands to stabilize the dream. Try not to too high. That can make the dream collapse.

Try not to go to fast, as maneuvering can become tricky. When you do go fast, use "pull" or "push" forces. Just pull or push yourself in any direction using invisible brakes, your hands or arms, or sheer willpower. This can also be used for stopping or going faster.

Once you start flying in lucid dreams, you'll know how amazing it can be. The freedom you feel is unexplainable, so start practicing on your flying skills! You can even fly out into space and view the planets up close!!

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