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Dream Journal and Dream Recall for Lucid Dreaming - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Dream Journal and Dream Recall for Lucid Dreaming

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Remembering your dreams is the most important thing for lucid dreams. Otherwise, you can have a lucid and not even remember it. Dream recall may change, but writing in your Dream Journal should help you remember more dreams and remember them in better details.

Recording your dreams

For a Dream Journal, you can use a voice recording device, a paper notebook, or your computer. I like to first use a digital recorder and then when I get up, transfer it to my computer.

Dream recall

Even if the only thing you can remember is just a single word or feeling, write in your dream journal. If you don't remember a dream at all, simply write in your Dream Journal that you didn't remember a dream, and write an affirmation to help you remember, like
- I remember my dreams.
- I like dreaming.
- My recall is getting better each day and I have very good memory.

When you are writing in your Dream Journal, and thinking about your dreams, you are telling your mind that dreaming and remembering your dreams is important, and it will help you achieve both. When you remember something, thank your mind for your dream and for helping you remembering it.

Some more tips for dream recall:

1. Drink water before you go to bed and each time you wake up and write your dreams down. (The more you wake up to go to the bathroom, the more opportunities you have to remember a dream.)

2. Say these mantras as you falling asleep:
- I wake up every time I dream and I always remember it.
- I always remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning.
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3. When ever you wake up, first don't move, and try not to open your eyes. First relax and try to think of any dreams you might of had.

Here's a few ideas for what you can write in your Dream Journal.
• The Date
• Time you went to bed, and woke up, and the total number of hours of sleep.
• Any supplements you took, and the time you took them, to help you figure out the best time for taking them (Before bed or wake-back-to-bed after six hours of sleep.)
• Mantras, reality checks, awareness you did during day to see if they manifest in your dream and if there is a delay of the manifestation, try to find out which ones work or don't work.
• How much stress did you have the day before. Does it affect your dream recall?
• The time you woke up from a dream and how long the dream was. - Find out the best time for Wake-Back-to-Bed. Six hours after going to sleep is the best time to start at, since a REM cycle is around 90 minutes.
• The Wake-Back-to-Bed time, how long you were up, what did you do while up, and how easy was it to fall back to sleep. Do you need to get up sooner or later? Or be up longer or shorter?
• Write about the dream itself.
• How good is your dream recall?
• If you had a lucid dream, what type was it? For example, Dream Induced Lucid Dream, Wake Induced Lucid Dream, Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream, Finger Induced Lucid Dream, Senses Initiated Lucid Dream, or some other method.
• How much dream control did you have? What was the dream vividness? Any special features? How was dream stabilization?
• HH - Did you have any hallucinations, effects, or sensations?

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