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Dream Induced Lucid Dream - DILD Lucid Dreaming - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Dream Induced Lucid Dream - DILD Lucid Dreaming

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In Dream Induced Lucid Dreams, DILD, you first go to sleep just like you normally would. Then while you are in a dream, you realize that you are dreaming.

If you're lucky, right when you start the dream, you will be aware that you are dreaming. But to cover the dreams where you don't, to realize you are dreaming, you'll need to train your mind to ask a question "Am I dreaming?" when you start the dream.

This is done during the day by asking the same question. While doing this, believe that you're actually dreaming.

Through out the day, stop and ask yourself "Am I dreaming"?

Look around you. Look at your surroundings. Does everything look as it should?

Ask yourself how you got where you are. What were doing five minutes ago? And even before that.

Next do a Reality Check, and a mantra (simple phrase that you repeat).

There are a lot of different Reality Checks and mantras that you can do, or you can even make your own.

Here I will use the "looking at hands" reality check with mantra as an example.

Bring your hands up to your chest level and look at the palms.

Examine them. Do they look exactly as they should? Count your fingers. Don't presume how many you have. Actually count them!

Say "When I dream, I look at my hands and realize that I'm dreaming."

Next put your hands down and bring them back up and repeat the reality check with the mantra a few times.

It doesn't matter how many times you do this. You just need to really believe that you might actually be in a dream, you just don't actually know it yet. Don't ever think to yourself "Nope, I'm not dreaming."

Repeat the above when you're in bed ready to go to sleep.
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While you're falling asleep, just repeat your mantra.

It's best if you can have this mantra be the last thought you have when you fall asleep. If this keeps you from falling asleep, start going to sleep as you normally would and then say your mantra when you are almost asleep. Or just say it a few times, and then fall to sleep normally.

Soon this reality check will start occurring in your regular dreams making you gain awareness starting a lucid dream.

How soon? This is different for every one. It could be tonight, in a few weeks or even in a month or more.

It especially helps if you're excited about the idea of having a lucid dream, and if you *know* that you will have a lucid dream, without any doubt.

Here's some other reality checks that you can add to or replace the "looking at hands" reality check. It's better to do at least two or three different reality checks at the time. In a dream, one reality check might fail while another one might work.

1. While awake, look at your hands, with your palms up, and notice the detail. Count your fingers. In your dream, look at your hands. Do they look normal (shape, color, size, can you make your finger longer?) Count your fingers. Do you actually have five fingers on each hand? This is a great reality check because your hands will always be there, when awake and when in a dream you can easily practice this.

2. While awake, plug your nose and try to breathe. If you can breathe, you are definitely dreaming. This is also a great reality check, since your nose will always be there.

3. While awake, try to put your thumb through the palm of your hand. Notice to the sensation. Think that it will go through. When dreaming, do the same thing. If it goes through, you are definitely dreaming. This is also a good reality check because you don't need to go and looking for them.

4. While awake, say, "If this was a dream, I could levitate," expect to float up, and jump. Do this in a dream.

6. Turn on a light switch. When dreaming, trying to turn on a light usually won't actually do anything. Though some people report that they can turn on lights in a dream.

7. Do some reading. When dreaming, you can read, but look away and then take a second look and it'll say something different, or just be gibberish. You can do the same with clocks with digital watches. They may have letters instead of numbers.

During the day, in all reality checks, first do the reality check, and then another thing you can do, in your mind, is yell out MAXIMUM CLARITY NOW, and then think, with real meaning, 'When I dream, I *AM* aware that I am dreaming.' Here you're both doing a mantra, and also training yourself to make sure the dream starts out clear.

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