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Cycle Adjustment Technique Induced Lucid Dream (CAT) - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Cycle Adjustment Technique Induced Lucid Dream (CAT)

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Cycle Adjustment Technique Induced Lucid Dream is a great technique for beginners as your body has natural cycles, called circadian rhythms, that makes it easier to sleep when it's dark and stay awake when it's light. But you also have learned rhythms. If you're like most people, you don't sleep the entire time it's dark, or you might wake up long after it's light out. You've learned these cycles and can adjust them at will.

It takes a surprisingly short time for you to adjust your body from one type of cycle to another cycle. Shift workers who go from an afternoons shift to a graveyard shift, for example, can get their bodies switched over in a couple of weeks, and the Cycle Adjustment Technique doesn't require that you make even close to such a dramatic shift change!

First you need to spend one week waking up 90 minutes sooner than usual. It sounds hard if you are not a morning person, but it's actually not much. If you are worried about not getting enough sleep, go to bed a little earlier than usual during the week, but be consistent about your sleep and wake times.

It is very important that you do get up ninety minutes sooner, so practice getting up as soon as the alarm goes off, and do NOT "snooze button" yourself back to sleep!

After a week, start getting up 90 minutes sooner only every other day. Your body now expects to get up sooner. This means that when you're sleeping in later, your brain will be more active during the 90 minutes before you wake up, which makes it way easier to end up lucid when having those early morning dreams.
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Here's a few tips about Cycle Adjustment Technique that can help you out:

Cycle Adjustment Technique can be combined with other lucid dreaming methods, but it doesn't have to be. You can use it with MILD and specific reality check cues.

Every night when you go to bed, set your intention to wake up at the earlier time. Your subconscious will start waking up your brain early, even on days you will sleep in.

On days where you wake up early, do NOT go back to sleep. Prepare your mind for those other days by doing repeated reality checks during the early morning hours.

If you wake up early on a sleeping-in day, try to go back to sleep or try doing a Wake Induced Lucid Dream to induce a dreaming state. You can also use the Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreams method and binaural beats to try to get into a dream state.

Cycle Adjustment Technique Induced Lucid Dream is a great technique for beginners, but many experienced lucid dreamers can also find it useful. There is no pressure to generate a lucid dream each night, which can take a while to learn. Also, you can use this as long as it works. Just keep up the getting up early every other day, and you are likely to keep having lucid dreams on the in-between days.

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