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Breathing Induced Lucid Dream - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Breathing Induced Lucid Dream

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For Breathing Induced Lucid Dream, wake up after six hours of sleep, then do not move. Start breathing a tiny bit louder than usual, but not so loud that you can't fall asleep, though loud enough that you will hear it. Focus on your breathing the entire time. Then do a reality check after about 30-40 seconds. This works the best when you're really tired and can easily fall asleep.

Slight Physical Discomfort

To keep conscious awareness, a tiny bit of physical discomfort is useful when performing any Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD) technique. This keeps you from just drifting off to sleep. If you're in bed doing WILD and you are totally comfortable, then your odds of going to sleep instead of staying conscious are very high. The WILD method relies on a kind of deep trance induction, and many people who induce trances for other reasons depend on slight physical discomfort — like the lotus position, or sitting in a hard-backed chair. Depending on your own preferences and requirements of discomfort to have success, you can choose from any of the methods, arranged in ascending order of discomfort: Stacking pillows so you can sit up in bed — discomfort is caused by not being in your normal sleeping position.

Lying down on a hard floor.
Lifting your forearm up, with the rest of your arm resting on the bed.
Sitting in a hard chair.

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