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Auto-Suggestion Induced Lucid Dreams - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Auto-Suggestion Induced Lucid Dreams

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Auto-Suggestion Induced Lucid Dreams can be especially effective for people who are very susceptible to hypnosis or understand meditation, though for most people, Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreams (MILD) will probably work better.

As you fall to sleep, repeat to yourself that you'll have a lucid dream that night or in the near future. You can do a mantra (like "I will recognize that I'm dreaming"), but be sure you do not try too hard to generate a lucid dream. Instead of putting forth intentional effort in the suggestion, just genuinely expect to have a lucid dream. Let yourself think expectantly about the lucid dream you are about to have, but make sure you are patient if you don't get one quickly.

You can also use Auto-Suggestion Induced Lucid Dreams to improve your dream recall. Just use the method as explained above, but instead of mantra like "When I wake up, I will remember what I dreamed." Just make sure you don't put too much intentional effort into the mantra, just try to genuinely expect to remember your dreams.

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