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10 Sleeping Tips for Optimizing Your Night - How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

10 Sleeping Tips for Optimizing Your Night

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During the night, your body goes through periods of deep sleep to regenerate and heal, and REM sleep for dreaming and consolidating memories from the day. This rest is required for optimal health and well-being. Having good sleep is one of the most important things you can do to feel great. You're in control of how well you will sleep. Your nightly sleep should make you feel energetic!

Here's 10 tips for getting the best sleep and feeling energetic when you wake up:

Relax during the 1-2 hours before bedtime. Stay away from the TV and avoid work. Don't think of the stress from the day. Read, meditate, listen to music, take a warm bath.

Have a Healthy Diet. One that contains whole foods, vegetables, good fats, and good protein; avoid dairy, wheat, sugar, and processed foods. No one eats perfectly. Just staying aware of what you're eating, and making better choices can make a huge difference. Feel better so you sleep better.

Limit stimulants and depressants. While alcohol can make you tired, it can also keep you from reaching deep sleep. Also, drink no caffeine (coffee or soft drinks).

Don't eat within two hours before going to bed. When you have a stomach full of food, your body must work harder while it is trying to rest. Limit liquids so you don't have to get up to go to the bathroom.

Go to bed early, like before 11 PM if you can. This is when your body will start to dump all those toxins it has accumulated during the day. Being awake during this time can make them get backed up.
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Keep your room dark, pitch black. There should be no light in your bedroom. Black out any light from your windows, alarm clock, etc. You should not be able to see anything at all. If you can't get it totally dark, use an eye mask for an alternative.

Have the room temperature be around 65 degrees. When you're too hot or cold, you don't sleep as well. 65 degrees is a good place to start. Adjust it to find out what temperature generates the best sleep.

Sleep for 7-8 hours. Getting too little or too much sleep can be detrimental to your health. Your body needs just 7 or 8 hours. Make an effort to get just the sleep your body needs.

Have no electrical devices in your bedroom. This includes phones, clocks, TVs, computers, etc. While the frequencies they emit are you out and generate insomnia.

Do not snooze!! This can be hard! This can make you feel groggy because you wake up and fall asleep multiple times in a short time span. Set your alarm clock for when you actually need to get up, and then get up the first time the alarm goes off, unless you're attempting a Wake Back to Bed.

Bonus sleeping tip:

Raw honey. Have one tablespoon of Raw honey while you're on an empty stomach just before bed. You'll fall asleep quicker and feel more refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

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